Never miss

an entry again

With a bot running you don't need to be in front of your screen making decisions that you’ve already made. Don't let another trading set-up pass by ever again.


your lotsize

We'll teach you how to turn small price movements into larger profits. You will be learning to bring your strategy to life through effective risk management systems that ensure you are able to reliably generate profitable returns.

Make profits

in your sleep

Traders only doing technical analysis doesn't stand a chance in today’s market environment. Future-proof your career by learning Algorithmic Trading with us. We are here to prepare you for a career in a rapidly growing sector in capital markets.

We have
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What will set you apart

Stand out from the rest

With the current market filled with technical traders, make a statement by developing yourself as a quantitative trader.

See the markets differently

Unlock a new way to see the markets, whilst learning a skill that makes you the most valuable person in your trading community.

Work from anywhere

Embrace the 21st century and trade without boundaries. Let the machines do the hard work while you take all the credit!

Why Manual Trading is Outdated
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What you get from AlgoPro
Live Trading

Trade on a live account in your first week. You won't be profitable yet, but you'll see the difference of automated trading.

Ctrl + C Ctrl + V

Copy and paste years of coding knowledge broken down for you so you can use it on your own strategies immediately.


Learn from existing strategies when to enter and exit the market. We don’t just give you ‘black box systems’. We give you the code and we talk your through every single line.

Girl in a jacket Life Skills

Become a better problem solver and learn to tackle problems systematically. Coding doesn’t stop at trading. It changes the way you think and operate in a constructive way. You will find yourself approaching problems in life and at work with a new set of skills that leave your competition baffled.

Girl in a jacket Ultimate Plan B

If you ever want to hire your skills out, you have a six-figure job waiting for you as a programmer. Even juniors! Everyone needs a developer!

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